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Hello Tacoma! Are you ready to learn a quick and easy way to clean your carpeting? Good! So, let's begin!

There are many different types of carpeting and what comes with it as a complete package. First of all you have fibers. These are the pile, the materials that are bunched together and as a whole make up your carpeting. Then you have the color of your carpet. This is something you probably care about because many of your furnishings match this and if you bought it yourself, you were the one who picked it out. The patterns in your carpeting run with the concept of the color, it matches, it works and it makes your Tacoma home look even that much nicer! Next we come to the thickness and durability of your carpeting, followed by the padding, or cushioning that resides underneath.

Now, don't get me wrong as you read this. I do not for one minute assume that most people do no know how to clean their carpets, but most of us lead busy lives and it can be a daunting task, the upkeep and care of carpeting, especially when it is not always tops on a persons list. There are a few simple techniques that you can use yourself without even needing to buy some gunk from the store that really is nothing other than strong chemical smelling stuff that can make your carpeting worse, and even worse, not work very well.

Let's pretend you have a stain. How about a fruit stain? The kids love fruit as much as adults and why not, it's good! Unfortunately they can work their way into the carpet and be nothing short of a nuisance, not only because of the fact it is stained in your carpeting, but because you now have one of the brightest, odd colored spots in all of Tacoma.

For this and other like foods in your carpet you will want to scrape away as much as you can without spreading it too much and absorb the juice from the fruit as best as you can. Then you will want to mix one quarter of a mild liquid soap (hand or dish, not dishwasher), one teaspoon of vinegar and a quart of warm water. No matter what kind of stain you will only want to use warm water. You will want to apply this solution to the affected area and place a WHITE paper towel over it, allowing the area to dry. After it is dry, vacuum it away. Sometimes you will need to reapply the mixture, but hopefully, if the spot is treated quickly you can get it done with only one application.

You will always want to be sure that your carpeting can handle any technique you perform as some materials are not made for certain carpet cleanings and some carpets have pre treated applications that can be washed away leaving an area vulnerable, so be sure to be in the know about this.

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